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Connected Transport by Irdeto protects vehicle software from tampering and helps automakers and Tier-1 suppliers build secure connected cars.

Defense in depth: securing software from the inside out

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No-one wants to drive a car they don’t trust. You want your customers to know that you provide the highest level of cybersecurity available. Therefore you must inherently protect the software that runs in your car, not just secure the perimeter.

Irdeto uses multiple layers of code transformation, whitebox cryptography, integrity validation and other anti-hacking technologies, in order to protect your telematics gateway and ECUs from hackers. Moreover, Irdeto uses its own core technology to protect its own code so that hackers can no longer abuse high-privilege software components.

Secure your connected car: Exterior Features

Explore the security features of this connected car

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interior features

Interior features

Access Control

Policy-based access

  • Lower overhead costs with lost or damaged physical keys
  • Multi-user control for families
  • Employee usage management for companies
  • Inventory operations and management for stores and fleets

New business models

Keyless entry and remote management allow for a variety of new business models like:

  • Car Sharing
  • Vehicle-as-a-Service (VaaS)
  • Remote Rentals

Enhanced anti-theft

  • Secured access from the ground up
  • No internet access required – works in underground parking garages or remote locations
  • Built into the car’s system
  • Zero-Day exploit safe


Renewable security drastically reduces attack surface

Cloakware uses multiple layers of code transformation, whitebox cryptography, integrity validation and other anti-hacking technologies to protect your telematics gateway and ECUs from hackers.

Completely secure OTA

By continuously monitoring hacking attempts and supporting a variety of OEM responses – like swapping code on the fly – all OTA hacking attempts will be fruitless and only the OEM's codes and application will run.

Zero false positives

  • Removes debugging capability and memory examination
  • Encrypts binaries and file content
  • Hides decryption keys
  • Makes reverse engineering virtually impossible
  • Collects security incident data for post-mortem analysis
  • Disables execution of anything except OEM authorized software


Selective trunk access

  • Limits or grants access to valuable items
  • Enables novel applications like secure package delivery

Convenience and security

  • Configure doors and/or trunk to open when approaching the car
  • Two-factor authentication ensures the highest security
  • Enforce timed restrictions

Secure your connected car: Interior Features

Explore the security features of this connected car

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exterior features

Exterior features

In-Vehicle Infotainment

Secured environment

  • Security built into all applications and updates
  • Only OEM authorized software can run
  • Secured personal information
  • Complete protection for the ECU and other connected sub-systems

Encrypted communications

  • Prevent malicious code insertion
  • Completely secured cloud services
  • Reliable fleet management
  • Support insurance claims

Performance Restrictions

Example: Valet mode

  • Limits speed to 50Km/h
  • Revokes trunk, glovebox and fuel cap access
  • Limits range to 5Km

Example: Teenager mode

  • Limits radio volume to 50%
  • Weekend use only
  • Limits speed to 80Km/h
  • Geo-fence to 25Km from home

Example: Borrow mode

  • Access expires automatically after 2 days
  • Limits speed to 100Km/h

Convenience Features


  • Full control of car settings, geo-fencing, speed limits and more
  • Simply walk up to the car and it will unlock and load your preferences
  • Associate preferences to each user
  • Seat position, steering wheel distance, radio station and volume, mirrors and much more can be adjusted
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A range of products and services to protect your cars from cyberattacks

Irdeto ’s offering for automotive OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers includes Threat Assessments, Secure Environment, Software Protection and Security Services. Together they help you understand potential vulnerabilities in your security, protect your embedded devices and your automotive applications, and help monitor and respond to live cyberattacks.

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