Secure your connected heavy vehicles

We protect telematics systems and other in-vehicle software from hacking and tampering so you can build secure connected heavy vehicles.

Cyber threats are only just on the horizon for the heavy vehicle industry. However, what rolls off the production lines today are vehicles rigged with sophisticated computerized systems. Connected to the Cloud and to other heavy vehicles in larger fleets, they do become valuable targets for hackers.

Irdeto takes cybersecurity for heavy vehicles to the next level. Designed for hostile environments where hackers are assumed to be able to gain root access to the software, it applies several layers of protection to the telematics gateway software itself, making it virtually impossible to hack.

Securing software from the inside out

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As you depend more and more on your vehicles’ telematics systems and other in-vehicle software, you need be certain that you use the highest level of cybersecurity available. This means you must inherently protect the software that runs in your vehicles, not just secure the perimeter. Irdeto uses multiple layers of code transformation, whitebox cryptography, integrity validation and other anti-hacking technologies, in order to protect the actual software code, data and keys in your vehicles from hackers and modders.

Renewable security

The average service life of a truck or heavy vehicle is about 15 years. In that time, cyber threats will evolve and change frequently. You want to make sure that whatever security you put in your vehicles  today is flexible enough to be easily upgraded or changed. Irdeto provides renewable software security that is easy and secure to implement over the air.

Easy and fast to implement

Irdeto offers ready-to-use solutions that interwork with existing application binaries. This means no modifications are required to your code before applying Irdeto’s anti-hacking technologies. Even better; you can update code while the solution is live, keeping your code and keys protected at all times. Integration and maintenance can be done in-house.

Expertise you can trust

Irdeto is a digital platform security company  and a pioneer in cybersecurity and invented whitebox cryptography technology back in 2002 and has grown and enhanced its solution ever since. We currently protect over 5 billion devices and applications against cyberattacks for some of the world’s best-known brands.

Years experience in hostile environments
5 Billion
Devices protected
Patents (+ 285 pending)
Continents where Cloakware is deployed
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